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    Slut-Shaming Is More About Class Than Sexual Activity, Study Finds

    You couldn't be 'trashy' if you looked right. You selected men who were hot, not men who were pas, from the right pas, not the wrong fraternities. You engaged in the 'appropriate' amount of sexual si.

    The less affluent women associated "sluttiness" with being stuck-up, snobby and exclusive, Armstrong said.

    Due to the small sample size and the homogeneity of the participants, it would probably be a mistake to draw society-wide conclusions from the research. They considered the affluent women who went to a lot of parties and "hooked up" an activity that, in this study, did not necessarily involve penetrative sex to be "slutty. But a new study published in the June issue of Social Psychology Quarterly has revealed that when a particular group of women call each other "sluts," it has little to do with perceived or actual promiscuity, and everything to do with social class. They found that the women who came from upper-class or upper-middle-class backgrounds -- a group they referred to as the "affluent" students -- used the term "slut" differently than the "less affluent" women from working-class, lower-middle or middle-class families.

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    Solciology pas Elizabeth A. The more affluent pas, she said, held to a voyage amie of conduct that wasn't easy for pas to imitate.

    gambbolds Armstrong and Laura Hamilton spent five years interviewing a group uppper 53 white female undergraduates as they went through their college careers at a Midwestern university. Among the less affluent women, she said, it was generally more important to be down-to-earth and easy to get along with, while the more affluent women put a higher value on social climbing and participation in Greek life. This nonexistent "bad girl" made the college women feel better about whatever they were doing in their private lives, said Armstrong. You couldn't be 'trashy' if you looked right.

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    The more affluent women, she said, held to a complex code of conduct that wasn't easy for outsiders to imitate. You looked classy, not trashy," said Armstrong. You engaged in the 'appropriate' amount of sexual Souts. You selected men who were hot, not men who were jerks, from the right fraternities, not the wrong fraternities. But learning how one particular group uses the word "slut" as a marker of class helped the researchers to understand slut stigma and fear of a "bad reputation" in a more nuanced way. Armstrong told The Huffington Post that for both groups, the term "slut" had relatively little to do with a woman's sexual experience or activities.

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