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    A hatchback car is called escogt liftback when the opening area is very sloped and is lifted up to open. The hatchback is generally based on a saloon body but with the boot or trunk area blended into the centre section of the body. Volume 1 Fifth ed.

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    When the tailgate is closed, the luggage compartment is usually covered with a parcel shelf. The Truth about Cars. This means you've got escorf flexibility to carry any mix of people and cargo. In fact, hatchbacks are sometimes smaller than their sedan counterparts in terms of their footprint. Retrieved 10 June A three or five-door hatchback no separate trunk compartment is a 'two-box' car. As with the saloon bodies, a hatchback can have two or four passenger doors, however there is a tendency to refer to hatchbacks as three or five doors because the rear compartment lid or tailgate is also referred to as a door on the hatchback bodies.

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    This means that if you live in a city or a place where space is at a premium, you won't struggle finding a place to park your versatile compact car. This type of body is very popular due to its versatility and style. Although some hatchbacks are in fact saloon bodies with the boot or trunk effectively removed usually the smaller carsmany hatchbacks retain the full length of the saloon but the roofline extends down to the rear of the vehicle. Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology: Stefan Ogbac April 27, Although sedans remain very popular in the U. One-Box Monospace or Monovolume ".

    Archived from the original on 3 December In fact, some small hatchbacks offer more room for your stuff than midsize sedans. The hatchback is therefore halfway between a saloon and estate car. Here are five reasons to go for the hatchback and five reasons not to.

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