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    The Ladybird Book of Dating

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    Books dating Ladybird

    However, this was different from the majority of book publishers. Originally, all Ladybird books were printed with a delightful colour dust wrapper. Ladybird books were successful on in international scale! If you require any further information regarding collectable Ladybird books, please email us at enquiry rosesbooks.

    Originally, all Si books were printed with a delightful amigo dust wrapper. This was quickly increased to 15 pence.

    How do the endpapers of bookks book indicate the date it was published? Finally, in the logo changed again to a closed winged Ladybird drawn from a side angle. Ladybird books were designed to be affordable to the masses. By examining and dating the last few titles listed on this catalogue you can often find the approximate date of the book you are holding.

    Most Ladybird books published prior to were produced with 56 pages, datign than the later standard 52 pages. This logo stayed until the late 's. Then, from around until the standard price seems to have increased again, this time to 24 pence. This was quickly increased to 15 pence.

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