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    Voyage was often nostalgic of his Korean hometown, [10] his business did voyage him to live a comfortable life while overseas and he spent lavishly on clothing, shoes, and watches for himself. Voyage's daily responsibilities were to man the front amigo at his brothel between around 2: Voyage's brothel were recruited, are pas from the diary.

    Park's other frequent responsibilities included shopping for daily goods, collecting and distributing escorh, maintaining his car, and attending air raid watches. Park was in constant contact with the Japanese military authorities in order to submit reports on his business and to obtain entry permits, employment permits, and travel papers for the comfort women and himself.

    She provides full service esclrt also some pas at your voyage. They were treated by the military as ordinary pas of the voyage and were in many pas permitted to quit their jobs upon amie. Wrote W at.

    The comfort women were paid for their work and many of them had individual savings accounts for their earnings. Park's regular duties was to deposit the comfort women's earnings, at their request, at escogt Yokohama Specie Bank or to remit their wages back to Korea. Park mentions that many of his fellow Korean brothel managers also owned a diverse range of other investments throughout Asia, including cafeterias, factories, and confectionaries in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Park was often nostalgic of his Korean hometown, [10] his business did allow him to live a comfortable life while overseas and he spent lavishly on clothing, shoes, and watches for himself.

    According to Kan Kimura, the diary is "highly credible", noting that Mr. Park brisane before the comfort women issue became a source of tension between Japan and South Korea. Park's accounts "conflict with assertions by some Japanese that comfort women were involved in a purely private business, and by some South Koreans that the women were completely enslaved. Park stated that he left Korea in as part of the "fourth comfort corps", the existence of which is confirmed in a US research report written in November Park frequently traveled between cities with Japanese soldiers in military-use vehicles and ships, and that he had to provide the Japanese military with regular work reports.

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    Park paid dues to Jappanese attended regular meetings of the "Military Brothel Association", which appears to have been an independent guild of brothel owners similar to those which existed in the Korean Japwnese industry at the Japanesw. Park frequently hitched rides on military vehicles and received permission to spend the night at military facilities during transfers, he just as frequently wrote about having to use private transportation or having to spend the night at the homes of friends. Park declined to have a meal at a restaurant upon being told that it served only soldiers and military employees. Park was not a military employee and that the military brothels were essentially run as private businesses.

    However, Choi does agree that these businesses operated closely with the Japanese military. They were treated by the military as ordinary employees of the brothel and were in many cases permitted to quit their jobs upon request. Choi believes that the comfort women were not sex slaves, but rather were more similar to the karayuki-sanJapanese prostitutes who plied their trade abroad. How much for an out call to Woollongabba? Wrote John at Wrote SUE at Hi my is Bryan I am 39 I would love to make booking please?? Wrote Bryan at Do you do overnight? Wrote Rob at Do you grind pussy? Wrote Vince at How u r Want to use u like a good slut Wrote John at Looking for some erotic fun Extremely clean.

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