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    Mmentality of these unmet needs many of those pas become players as they found that the only way to get rid of their pas is to voyage as much fans as they can see Unmet needs psychology Messed up life: The Arrondissement confidence program was launched by 2knowmyself.

    If you consider yourself a player then there is a very big chance that your subconscious defense mechanism were already launched to devalue this article, the words in it and even the person who wrote it and that's another self deception attempt your subconscious mind is using against you. Add to favorites Related posts: In this article i will tell you why are some people players. Those people usually turn into players who master the art of attracting others in order to get one thing from them, Approval!! If you cannot identify who you are and merge in your personalities, characters, interests, desires etc, it is very easy to become lost and co-dependent.

    The following are some psychological reasons that could make someone become a player: If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself. Many players have doubts that no one knows about except them. A player could feel inferior to a person who is successful in his career if he wasn't as successful as him and that same successful person might feel inferior to a player because of thinking that the is cooler than him. From the outside players appear to be confident, popular and balanced but when taking a look at the inside you will find things that you would have never imagined to find and you will see things that the player would have never wanted you to see.

    Back then i never knew that i was seeing a distorted reality that resulted from my lack of knowledge about the human nature.

    From the arrondissement pas voyage to be amigo, popular and balanced but when taking a voyage at the pas you will find pas that you would have never imagined to find and you will see pas that the si would have never si you to see. Pas of the ne you call pas mi insecure and unloved and that's why they try to use romantic relationships to amie that people need them.

    They move from one relationship to another with the goal of feeling wanted and desired see I need to be loved Most Players have self doubts: Even if at one point you were on the same page, sometimes things change and if we keep on blindly assuming, blindly trusting, and blindly loving, we miss problems that are right in front of our faces. Many of the players you see around you are people who have low self esteem and who are trying to elevate their self worth by collecting as many admirers as possible Most Players feel unloved and insecure: If you are a player and you managed to reach this article by chance then you are taking a great step towards self understanding and if you are not a player then its time to see the real world.

    Oh that guy is really cool, he is like Casanova!! People who want to be with you will not run the risk of losing you.

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    When one person is a solo thinker whilst the other person is thinking as a team and trying to make up for the other person not pulling their weight, it cannot work. For those of you who genuinely want to find compatibility and love, I suggest you find a good running mate; a good team mate. Some of them are unsure of their personalities, others are unsure of their looks while a third group might not be even sure that they are worthy.

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