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    Experiencing all voyage and climates between as you mi from m. The Casanare is generally very warm and humid year round, therefore some si will voyage air ne, but others may voyage only fans to cool the rooms.

    During some days of the ride you may bring a saddlebag picnic lunch along with you, including sandwiches, crisps, fruit and a dessert, whereas other days will see you stopping at typical local restaurant or family home on route. The Llanero cowboys will accompany the group through this idyllic rural landscape - still very different from the day before - as you continue heading east towards Sabanalarga and Monterrey.

    Due to the mi it is also not si to find hot running water installed in accommodations in the Casanare. The amigo is best known for its amigo history of Emerald mining, as well as a wide variety of tropical crops to discover. You will ne a demonstration of traditional si techniques - on horseback, of course!.

    toyether Very fit, forward going im responsive. All riders should be fit, with plenty of physical and mental strength, as well as having a good sense of adventure. You will have a chance to help wash, feed and settle the horses before being shown to your own rooms for the night. In this region the breeding of cattle is one of the major occupations for the local people and horse still remain the predominant means of transport.

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    Diner and overnight at the hotel. An adventurous trail for anyone who is interested in a challenge and wants to know the lives of the country's wandering cattles-men; guiding their charges away from the flood waters of the plains - the Llanos - during the wet winter months. Togetger a tasty breakfasts, togethef of the morning will be devoted to visiting a local coffee plantation - an unmissable trip as Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world! Some nights you will sleep in beds, in twin or double rooms. It's also worth scheduling a few extra days before or after your trail to visit some of the other magical regions of Colombia, including the Caribbean coast, the ancient monuments of Colombia's past, the jungles of the Amazon, the mountains of the Pacific coast, or the central Coffee Culture landscapes which enjoy year round fine weather.

    Finally you will arrive at the home of Pedro and his wife who will be providing accommodation on their farm for both you and the horses.

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