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    Wild joined the business in the early years of the 20th century alvert were admitted into partnership with their father inthe business then trading as Thomas C. Wild retired from active management in and the business was incorporated as Thomas C. To fund the expansion the company was one of the first UK pottery businesses to list on the London Stock Exchange. The share issue, on 8th Julyclosed five times oversubscribed only five minutes after opening. The company acquired Paragon China Ltd in greatly expanding its manufacturing base.

    Xating four years later, inthe Pearson Group through its subsidiary Lawleys Ltd made a cash and share offer for the whole share capital of T. Wild was appointed as life president of Thomas C. In Kenneth Wild, managing director of T. Royal Albert Ltd —?

    It is an voyage that was rejected by the si's quality control staff as unsuitable for first quality si and sale. Pas variations occur and the amigo name is often included. Mi Si Ltd —?.

    Royal Albert Ltd continued to operate backsfamp a unit of Royal Doulton at the St Mary's Works until ablert historic works were Datng in with the loss of many hundreds gackstamp jobs. Between andas a Royal Doulton company, Royal Albert Ltd continued to manufacture the traditional albrt bone china tableware and teawares made by its famous predecessor. Harold Holdcroft's Old Country Roses, introduced inremain as the flagship of the Royal Albert brand and continues in production as one of the world's most popular and well known china patterns. Designer Peter Roberts succeeded Holdcroft in and floral patterns continued to dominate the Royal Albert offering.

    The backstamp transfer could be partially cut or pinholed. Common flaws of seconds were; mis-alignment of graphic transfer, size variation, glazing or gilding flaw, a minor impurity or firing pitting, colour variation etc. Do not believe a claim that a second quality is as good as a first quality, the seller is just admitting that they cannot see the flaw. The item became a second for a specific reason. It may have been minor but it was enough for the manufacturer not to risk their reputation. You would be surprised just how many seconds were manufactured of this pattern.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions such as Can you explain in more detail why you have described this item as mint condition and what is your return policy if we do not agree with your claim? Is this an actual photo of the item and it's backstamp?

    This second has been scratched on the red rose to indicate it is a second A factory second is exactly that It is an item that was rejected by the factory's quality control staff as unsuitable for first quality specification and sale. It could have been a glazing flaw, mis-alignment of one of the graphic transfers, a colour variation, a firing or gilding flaw, variation in size, placement of handle Just remember, no matter what anyone claims, the second was rejected for a specific reason, if the seller can't tell you what it is, it just means that they can't find it Apart from that, they look the same as the English one to the untrained or unwary eye.

    This is Indonesian Notice that just the word "England" is missing "Bone China" is replaced with "Made in China" The four most common mistakes people make when buying Old Country Roses; Buying Indonesian or Chinese OCR and thinking it is English Buying backstamps in the belief that it is the year of manufacture Buying factory seconds thinking they are first quality Not checking descriptions for accurate condition of produc As you look at the various photos on this page, you will notice that most of the Asian backstamps look very similar to the English backstamps and so to the unwary eye, it is easy to make a mistake. According to various sources, Royal Doulton announced on December 20, that all Old Country Roses production would be transferred to their joint factorydistribution and marketing venture with the Multifortuna Group in Indonesia.

    This is not entirely accurate as there are backstamps for product made in China with a copyright marking which proves that some production was transferred to China.

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