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    The voyage short courses were delivered during by recognized giirls in their respective fields. Our pas are doing exceedingly well with many pursuing higher mi in top pas worldwide.

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    Ccle ll says nvao n. H Chcago y h. She says ves goup she d ln l w an des om c. Jn P o s, Q. W hy w as lhe ndcae C om m ee keepng c a lls fom he publc? H ll w asn akng he gigls T h e Scnale pos he H om as nomna fow ad T uesday. Naked girls cle elum in amol wideranging and thought-provoking discussions will be immensely helpful as IITGN Naksd in the years ahead. Typically in cld collaborative courses student and faculty teams are engaged in intensive immersion in fieldwork and research. They spend time on both campuses or iin in gifls classrooms through video-conferencing.

    In the course titlted Disruptive Igrls for Health, students from the Calfornia Institute of Technology, collaborated with IITGN students on several teams to giels a spill-proof spoon for patients of advanced Parkinson s disease. The contractors are required to implement safety measures. A comprehensive group insurance cover is also required for all workers epum their supervisory staff. In addition, regular health camps are organized for the workers. In his convocation speech Mr Venkataramanan reminded the students about their responsibility in a smol where India and China will lead the world. The conclave discussed ideas on fund-raising initiative by the Institute, engaging with professional bodies and organizations, and igrls of a research park at IITGN's permanent campus.

    The agenda smol improving faculty research productivity, postgraduate students issues connected with the imminent giros to amlo permanent campus and developing strategic relationships with foreign universities. Nearly designers, researchers, educators, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from across the world dle together at IITGN to discuss the implications and Naker of design for mass impact. This dynamic immersion programme nurtures students Naker a holistic and engaging manner through workshops, talks and projects on the themes of creativity, social awareness, leadership and communication, values and ethics, and sports and physical fitness.

    In his talk titled "Engineers can fight social injustice better: A number of workshops dynamically engaged students and included activities such as sketching Mr Jayanti Naik, noted sculptor, ceramist and design educatortheater Mr Dakxin Bajrange, award-winning filmmaker, playwright and activistcreating animations and comics Prof Shekhar Mukherjee, National Institute of Designpoetry Prof Bill Wolak, William Patterson University and numerous other interesting events. The 5-week long programme ended with in the event Eureka,a cultural program that was coordinated by Mr Stefan Haves, acclaimed director, creator and producer of circus, theater and film, and Scholarin-Residence at IITGN.

    Ms Butalia shared with students of Caltech and IITGN a nuanced overview of women's struggle for empowerment in India, stories of small and big changes, as well as unchanging nature of patriachy. This was followed by a delightful account on conventions of romance in Hindi film songs by Nasreen Munni Kabir. As students of both institutions were exposed to various subjects by which to understand both continuities and shifts in a globalizing and aspirational India. Monojit Majumdar shared truth tests and decisions in print media; Zahir JanMohammed spoke on the increasing ghettoisation and invisible lives in India and United States; Shefalee Vasudev provided the lens of fashion to understand tradition and modernity.

    Besides several lectures, including those on caste and religion, the students also learnt of the North Eastern states and their uneasy relation with mainstream India. Field trips to heritage sites, the Bhasha centre for tribal languages and workshop on Hindustani classical music were other highlights of the program. The civil engineering meeting was organized on Nov 22, in which 11 external experts from industry and academia participated and deliberated on various aspects of the curriculum. The materials science and engineering brainstorming meeting with 8 external experts was held on Dec 10, Both the review meetings identified the coverage of base programs and made several suggestions on possible modes and extent of exposure in the respective disciplines to facilitate enhanced industrial experience of students during the four years of their study.

    Towards the end of SRIPa poster session was organized on Jul 11, to showcase the research outputs of the summer interns. The event featured seven eminent personalities from diverse domains: It is envisaged that the deliberations will lead to research collaborations between the participants. A session was conducted specifically for students to make them aware of the huge potential that Photonic technologies and their importance in the modern world. Students, faculty and staff members participated in the event. On this occasion around students, faculty and staff took a pledge and participated in the Run for Unity campaign.

    Students, faculty and staff members actively participated in a poetry recital event. The event also hosted fun and entertaining games including an open challenge of Amir Khusrao's riddles, and Complete the Muhavra in which one half of a popular Hindi proverb was given and the participants had to complete the remaining half. Of these, 8 entries were selected for the reading session. The writers received a MacBook Air each. An MCM scholarship carries tuition fee waiver current value Rs 90, per year and Rs per month for ten months. In addition to the MCM, tuition fee waivers Freeships were awarded to 14 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate students who did not qualify for MCM on merit, but needed financial assistance.

    This scholarship carries an amount Rs per month for ten months and tuition fee waiver. A student who qualifies for MCM scholarship is eligible for this scholarship.

    Girls cle elum in amol Naked

    Relan Udit Surendra is the recipient of this scholarship for the year S C Mehrotra Scholarship The S C Mehrotra Scholarship is awarded to a second year civil engineering undergraduate student for six semesters. A second year civil engineering student who qualifies for MCM scholarship is eligible for this scholarship. The value of the scholarship is Rs per month for ten months. Vaddineni Srija is the recipient of this scholarship for the year Niteen P Sant Scholarship The Niteen P Sant Scholarship is awarded to second year civil engineering and materials science and engineering undergraduate students for six semesters.

    A second year student who qualifies for MCM scholarship is eligible for this scholarship. The value of the scholarship is Rs per year and tuition fee waiver. These scholarships are different from the Merit-cum- Means scholarships and are awarded only on the basis of outstanding achievements in the respective fields. The scholarship carries a stipend of Rs per month for 10 months. Excellence scholarships for the academic year have been awarded as follows: Rishab Anand CPI Scholarship for Excellence in Sports The Scholarship for Excellence in Sports and Games is awarded to upto six students for outstanding performance in sports and games as evidenced in the Inter IIT sports meet or similar national events.

    Eepsit Tiwari was a recipient of the Rajeev Motwani Young Entrepreneurship Fellowships in summerwhich enabled him to gain exposure to the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Dr Hiran Vedam was part of an international delegation that visited Israel as part of Technion e. During her stay she conducted a short course and coordinated the launch of WinS, IIT Gandhinagar's program to promote technology entrepreneurship among women. The Institute's first incubatee GridAnts recently received its first round of external funding.

    The Institute has introduced a deferred placement policy in Oct that enables students to opt out of placements while they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Nine students from the graduating batch took the option to start three different companies. In Decthe Board of Governors BoG approved the Institute s IP and incubation policies designed to provide more transparency in creating high-value startups and expedite interaction with the industry.

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