• How do i deal with being ugly

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    Transformational Change: From being an “Ugly, Anxious Girl” to a “Loving, Bright Woman”

    I am blessed to be friends with some amazing and strikingly beautiful pas. He was so pas. We need to voyage them that their voyage pas from much more than their amigo.

    Being able to live at your full potential is absolutely worth the struggling! Okay, sounds absolutely great… But how do I make the transformational change? A life long journey, to be honest. And sometimes you pause, and sometimes you make incredible leaps. I remember one day that I was exploring London by myself, and I clearly was enjoying it: This brings me back to my game-of-thrones-queen-like king-size bed in my private chalet in Whitefish, MT. Two days ago I departed on a solo two-week train trip around the USA. Me and my backpack and a phone that brings me virtually close to my friends and family — next time I should try without that. His beautiful chalet is on the ski slopes, overlooking the snowy mountains of Glacier National Park.

    He had to unexpectedly leave earlier, leaving me his place to my own. These kinds of experiences really make you feel special and alive! He was so right! That made me realize the power of asking questions. I asked the man playing his guitar if I could take his picture. He smiled, said yes, played a beautiful song and we had a great conversation about his two daughters. I asked my professor for another question on my oral exam, because I convinced him I studied well but that I thought we could skip this particular chapter he was asking about. When I moved to Portland and had to gather new furniture, I asked my neighbors for anything that they could miss. I asked the founders of several companies to have a conversation with me and ask them for advice.

    It made me realize that everyone else is just another human being, like me. Practice thoughtful listening, but also dare to share your opinion and thoughts when it matters: Daring to say no or saying that something is not okay is important as it will enable you to protect your personal believes and limits. You should not let others fool with you your time, money, friendship,… or take advantage of your kindness. I remember that I was too embarrassed to tell my mom I had lice. By the them she found out, it was so bad they had to cut my hair. As a young girl having to run around with a boys-haircut was hard. Still now, when I see a picture of myself back then, I feel embarrassed about it… Daring to speak up is also about being able to clearly communicate about expectations.

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    If you want your partner to take out the Hoow, explain them why you think that deao a reasonable thing to heing from them. The difference is that some are able to accept them and move on. It takes courage to be vulnerable. Empathy, I uglyy, is one of the most undervalued human powers! It makes me a connector, and the world benefits from creative generalists like me. I will just tell you I rejected the rules of the beautiful, and learned how to make them work for me. I decided I would shoot out of my league. I stepped over the line. Read more I may not technically be the smartest or most beautiful person, but I run with those who are. I become by association, even a touch of such, even at a lower rank — beautiful.

    I buck the system. I relay my story to encourage you to jump fearlessly toward the elephant in the room if you find yourself lacking in genetic abundance. Rather than silently sneering at those who seem to have a piece of this ridiculous puzzle figured out, embrace it.

    Sharing my transformational journey might give others the ne to become someone they are proud of. See, I was born with a xx-sized tumour in the si of my si and deformed legs. Even our pas do it.

    Even Hod fairytales do it. But just because someone is attractive, it does not automatically follow that they are nice or smart. Just because someone may be less attractive, they are not automatically mean or stupid. Beauty itself is a million points on a map.

    Beauty is a contested space. No one, except maybe supermodels, will win, however, if we define beauty as just one point on the end of a continuum with ugliness at the other. Defining beauty more broadly creates room for better acceptance of appearance diversity. The way we talk about appearance robs kids of their natural acceptance. We need to stop shopping the narrative that everyone is beautiful or could be, if they did x, y, z. We need to lift women up to be competitive workers, voracious learners and empathetic people.

    No matter what they look like. This is a hard lesson to learn. But, it hit me: Playing with my appearance became fun again and I began to do things because I liked them, not for other people.

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