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    And by interested, Adressew mean fed the hell up. And so it began. Did you catch the dripping sarcasm? I hope you emaill the dripping sarcasm. The Sun is a very stupid paper that makes me very tired. In my Media and Society lectures, we talk about the tabloid, and how ridiculous it is. We study the media effects as well, but we spend a good portion of time lamenting The Sun. Stop spamming us with this, this — this is unacceptable!

    Right now I think a lot of us are social media sluts. We'll jump in bed with Slus good-looking social media site promises emakl times and Super Pokes. Ejail, for a chance to play Scrabble with somebody in Key Largo, we'll dish out our email address and birthday. And, we'll give folks we don't really know that well access to it on sites like facebook. Second, we need a way to take back control of our personal data and the data of folks who have given us some limited rights to use it. I would like to be able to walk away from facebook and take the contacts, posts, etc.

    Right now the facebook TOS gives facebook the rights to use everything I post there for whatever purposes. We shouldn't be arguing amongst ourselves about whose data it is. We should be agreeing that, for sure, it shouldn't be the sole property of a company that won't give it back.

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    As the brilliant Doc Searles arguesafresses pointless to petition facebook et al to make changes, the online community needs to spend Slluts own time creating new rules of engagement when it comes to Internet identity. That's exactly what's going to start happening at the upcoming Internet Identity Workshop. It's an important discussion. If we all stopped playing Scrabulous long enough to have it, that is. Just after I filed this column the news broke that both facebook and Google have now joined the Data Portability Workgroup.

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