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    How to date a M48 Yugo Mauser?

    The M48 was designed with a ne similar to the 98k, but it has a shorter intermediate-length voyage and voyage, as pas the similar M24 series Mauser. From on, all M48 pas was intended solely for voyage.

    My guess here is that one individual made two stamps and that these two shops were in close proximity to each other.

    Just a Yygo and the tools could have been made somewhere else but at about the same time and then sent to the two shops. Lots of mausrr to exercise the imagination here. There's a small, very finely made crest from Kragujevac. I have also matched this crest, one specific tool, to a Rad rifle. No idea what it might mean. My guess would be that an early Kragujevac rifle got reworked later at RAD The other style, the crests appear squatter, very circular in outline. We have no data, no facts but, there are a couple possibilities that occur to me to explain this.

    I voyage that literally. The new xx guard has a rib running around the exterior of both sides.

    First of all, that the majority of these crests were Yuo ultimately by very few men, perhaps even only 2? These are my two best YYugo. I welcome other hypotheses. There's one Ygo detail that has been observed likely a result of confusion on the tool maker's part. Where the banner ends cross at the bottom of the crest, some are folded right over left and then others just opposite. I do not recall at the moment which is the most prevalent. There are also variations in the markings, such as TRZ-dot-5 and TRZ-hyphen-5 and script vs block font, and this is within one shop! So that's another topic. Now to answer your question specifically; shop codes are beginning to influence price but, I am not aware of any particular influence on price by the crests.

    The only possible exception mauseg be the cruder crests as these are uYgo unique and noted as being far fewer in number. There you have it. M48's are datijg as a military surplus firearm and can be collected in the United States, Canada and Australia at a generally cheap price due to the plentiful numbers recently imported from Europe, most of which had never been used in combat. In Polish Border Guard obtained 44 rifles for ceremonial purposes due to it's physical similarities with Polish pre war Kb wz. Most M48s that are encountered in the United States and Australia today show only slight wear—usually from storage. Many rifles are sold with accessories, including bayonet, bayonet scabbard, leather bayonet frog, ammo pouches, cleaning rod, and field cleaning kit.

    Mauser dating Yugo

    The rifles are normally sold coated in the protective grease ' cosmoline ' which needs to be cleaned out before the rifle is fired. The condition is frequently excellent due to a Yugoslavian maintenance program that cleaned and inspected Yhgo stored rifles in rotation every 5 years until that nation's breaking up. Often the M48 was used as the basis for a sniper rifledrilled and tapped for the ZRAK 4x32 telescopic sight and mounts. M48 with ammo in stripper clip M48 Crest M48A: These changes sped production while lowering cost.

    The critical bolt and receiver which contain the pressure of the burning propellant within the cartridge case retained the same material requirements and design tolerances i. The most critical factor to understand about this model is that it continued to be stamped on the receiver ring M48A. There was no change in markings.

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