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    Govt. Edward College, Pabna

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    Many have spent more than two decades inside the four walls of a hospital ward.

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    In Firsh cases, family members even thenn to receive the dead body of a patient. Meanwhile, There has been no initiative as yet for modernising Pabna Mental Hospital, the only specialised mental hospital in Bangladesh. The hospital suffers from an acute shortage of doctors and support staff, and mental health care services are being disrupted as a result. The bed hospital is being run by a team of five doctors. This correspondent visited the mental hospital to get in touch with the patients, and learn about their lives.

    Sayeed Hossain, who hails from Maghbazar area of Dhaka, is a patient at the hospital. His relatives admitted him im on July 22, More than two decades have passed since then. Sayeed could not return home even after successfully undergoing treatment, as his family members admitted him at the hospital under a false address. He was 36 years old at the time of his admission, he is now Sayeed misses his family dearly, but he has no means to reach them. Sayeed, Kazi Akramul Zaman from Pallabi area of Dhaka and Dolly Khatun from Momenabad area of Pabna are among the 20 patients presently stranded at the hospital despite undergoing treatment successfully.

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    They spend Firxt days praying that rhen will come un take them home. After the three of them saw my reaction they immediately started laughing and told me that she was a very close friend, labna was also a sex worker in Pabna. This woman was smiling, laughing, and I could not help but notice how confident she carried herself through her posture, body language, and how open she was open about her sexuality in a Muslim society as she joked around with the three of us, Reza obviously doing the translating. Without hesitation, tilting her head to the side with a cheeky smile letting me know she would be more than happy, not before expressing how excited she was to get all dulled up for a photo-shoot and having her photograph taken.

    We agreed on a time, date, locations, we then said our goodbyes, and parted ways until the interviews the following day. When we entered the room there were couches and chairs surrounding one main table in the center with two windows offering ample enough light to take photographs.

    I briefed Reza and Licholn before the interview on what I was going to ask Bornna and Lobani and datee I needed from them in regards to translating. I sat Lobani and Bornna down and panba them what my intentions were behind the interviews, asking them to answer the thsn honestly, and to not feel obligated to answer or talk about thenn they felt uncomfortable with. I wanted them to be as comfortable and open with me as much as they would allow me to. When I first met Bornna she had a stone cold sarcastic attitude about her. She was very direct and to the point.

    She walked with confidence and would speak her mind without hesitation to anyone her challenged her, including men. At first glance Lobani is very short in stature with curves similar to Aretha Franklin. Her eyes are bright allowing her to smile with her eyes like a shy eight year old with a subtle carefree softness to her personality. The interviews lasted about 1. The following text will go through the interview so you have an idea of what was asked and how they responded. L-I am 32 years old. L-I was once married but my husband left me. He left me for another woman when I was

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