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Love this little one to death and cannot be more excited to be stand it by Girls of the night in belen side. Jackie - Bridesmaid I met my sweet Jacks back in college since she was friends with my then roommate. We never really hung out until we both nigt here in Houston. Once here we were both single and she became my hangout buddy for happy hours, rodeos, birthday parties, wine tastings, football watching parties and more. Jackie and, her now husband, went on a double date with me and Bight on inn first date. We would spend hours talking about everything! She is one of the best cooks Ive ever met! Her hubby and baby are super lucky, not to mention that every time I need advice on anything she is there!

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She is so sweet, and helpful, and affectionate and easy to become friends with. She always has the best Benmoji for all of our conversations, which have me laughing all day.


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Steve has always been there for me through all the tough and happy times and I feel nothing but blessed and grateful to have him with me on my special day. Nate - Groomsman I have known Nate since I was 15 years old from my first day of high school in New Zealand back in He is one of the key people in my life whose influence helped me develop into the person I am today. I am nothing less than proud to have known Nate as long as I have and for the fact I get to call him one of the greatest friends I have ever had, and will ever have. Thanks for being with me on my special day, Nate! We sat next to each other, started talking, and never stopped! Over the past 9 years we have been through it all - Stressful exams and assignments, exciting summers, numerous fishing trips, nights we will never remember, personal grievances and personal successes.

Luke is one of my dearest friends and will be for life, no matter how far apart we are. Jonathan - Groomsman I first met Jonty through my other Groomsman, Luke, in our first year of college back in Our mutual love of football not NFL, not soccer, but football! Apparently, there have been many young deaths. Near the front gates, a stone coffin lies above ground, where another boy lays, a young Ignacio Torres. Like many children of his age, he was afraid of the dark. After his death, legends say that every morning when the caretakers would come in, the coffin was found above ground, even after repeated attempts to rebury it. Even in death, darkness was still feared.

Just a few steps away, a tall gravestone has a name of a woman, Victoriana Hurtado, died on 26th of August, and just above it, stone relief of her clenched fist, seeming to break through the headstone. Under this tomb, lies a woman who was buried alive by her treacherous husband. Despite the cries for help and the pounding on her coffin, the locals were too late to save the poor woman. Now it serves as a monument for troubled women everywhere who have domestic problems. They come and light a candle for her; a plea for help in their own troubled marriages. Walk further down and each headstone that you step pass is another story of countless tragedy and gothic wonder.

What about the pirate who was buried along with his secret of a hidden treasure. Dare to come back at midnight and his ghost will appear and tell you the whereabouts of that treasure. Or what about the other young star-crossed lovers, who were buried together, after love was denied to them. Notes and letters scatter around the base of their tombs; people asking for divine help in their crumbling amorous relations. Or have you heard about the man who took the dare from his friends to remain in the cemetery overnight? He was found the next morning frozen with terror, insane and finally committed to an asylum for the rest of his short life.

Since the museum is usually closed at three in the afternoon, well before sunset, the darkness may offer another view of the cemetery. Perhaps, the spirits may awaken once again to confirm or deny their own legends. After walking through the cemetery, you can sit under one of many large trees scattered throughout the cemetery grounds.

Despite the macabre of the legends surrounding this place, you can feel the sense of peace and rebirth here. The quietness away from the traffic and the serene shadows that shelter you from the Mexican sun makes this place a kind of oasis from the turbulent world outside the walls of this cemetery. On the other side, a girl celebrates her 15th birthday, dressed in a floral dress with a professional photographer and family tagging behind. She smiles brightly at the camera.